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Graphic design is what I am passionate about, from the smallest of details to the biggest of tasks. I strive to challenge myself with every project. Understanding the target audience is for the core design, its practical application, and the production result, be it a simple form or complex marketing piece.

A graphic designer’s job is not limited to creating art or marketing communications  it is understanding the business and the people, including those you work for and those you create for. When a person embraces those aspects, the common goal of success can be achieved on a personal level and as a business.

Types of Work:

Print Marketing

Brochures & Leave-Behind Marketing
Posters, Banners
Door Hangers & Custom Tags
Magazine Ads

Brand Identity

Custom Logos
Business Cards
Business Suite Templates


Web Development

Digital Marketing
HTML / Basic CSS

DIGITAL Marketing

PowerPoint Presentations
Motion Graphics
Web & Social Ads

CUSTOM Marketing

Cosmetic Package Design
Custom Boxes
Custom Labels
Design Templates




Scenic / Fixed Object
Photo Retouch
Simulated Marketing


DIGITAL skills

Database Design & Maintenance
Print Production Management
SharePoint/MSO365 Digital Apps


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